15 Urban Creations That Take Graffiti To A New Level Of Realism.

Not all graffiti consists of scrawls of letters indicating some street gang or group. This is a new way of creating art, where artists use urban spaces to express themselves in different ways. Today, anywhere is ideal for marking ideas and images in a variety of ways. In this case, the French artist known by the pseudonym SCAF shares his work with us, demonstrating that street art is more than meaningless images on the streets of slums. This artist draws highly realistic and 3D graffiti, turning simple and boring places and objects into true works of art. If you admire them for a long time you might feel like they’re coming out of the walls into the real world. 

01. Rafael, the one from the ninja turtles, is coming for you. 

02. A dangerous predator is on the loose in the city.

03. Artist trapped by his art. 

04. Butterfly in showcase. 

05. Diving into a treasure. 

06. Entrance to a new world.

07. Watch out for the raccoon. 

08. The guardian of the cave. 

09. Banshees trying to escape. 

10. It looks like a patronus. 

11. alien experiments. 

12. Scooby-Doo Where are you!

13. The ideal way to turn a normal room into a shark’s home. 

14. The Ghostbusters. 

15. A cute baby dinosaur. 

graffiti credits – scaf_oner

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