15 Times Someone Had A Job To Do, But Something Went Wrong.

When you buy a new house , the first wish is that it be exactly as you have always imagined it. The house of our dreams is now achievable and who better placed than an architect to make our wishes come true?

Sometimes, however, some owners want to take care of the details of the new apartment themselves, to be sure that everything will be exactly as they imagined. This gives them greater decision-making power over the work that will be done in their home, but also and often many problems.

The “ You Should Have Hired an Architect ” Facebook group is the perfect example of how a project done without expertise or skill can turn out to be a disaster. After seeing the 15 photos below, we’re sure the only question that will ring in your minds will be, “what were they thinking?”

1. Dangerous stairs

“I hope this isn’t the final version of these stairs, but sadly it probably is.” Impossible to go upstairs for a person suffering from vertigo.

2. It definitely grabs attention

We don’t really think this is the ideal or most convenient location.

3. It’s not what you think…

“These are steps and not a floor…” . We didn’t notice it right away, will you have a closer look?

4. He looks at me

This building smiles on us, without a doubt.

5. Too many stairs

There are always weird stairs in there.

6. How to get to the top floor

There is undoubtedly a motivation behind the construction of this building, but for the moment, we do not know which…

7. A rather questionable function

“What would you do with that huge dust-gathering space above the bed?”

9. Sudden Hunger

Looks like it was bitten, do you think that makes sense?

10. A matter of nesting

“A little weird, but perfect if you only want to see the top of your head” . It might be functional after all.

11. An uncomfortable slide

The real question is: how does this man get down this slide with stairs?

12. A flooded bathroom

“He said he was completely satisfied with himself…” What courage!

13. Miscalculations

“Let’s go to the explanations…” because we don’t have any!

14. Problem solving: with the congratulations of the jury

“It’s perfect, there is nothing better.”

15. Surprise Holes

“It must be a constant surprise for those who come out the right door.”

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