15 Times People Found Amazing Secondhand Items

We usually buy new things because we think they are more beautiful, more durable and more fashionable. But what if we were wrong? Second – hand items can also be very satisfying: they can be bought at a very low price, are often in excellent condition and have a particularly fascinating vintage look. The ” Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared ” Facebook group started as a group where friends and family shared wonderful second-hand items. Over time, however, the community grew and more things were shared. Scroll down to see some of the great finds at low prices.

1.Someone found this beautiful flower-shaped lamp.

image: amy love star facebook

The birds also rest in the petals and when the light is on the atmosphere created is magical.

2.The woman who shared the photo has a passion for used suitcases.

image: Theresa Rose facebook

“I’ve collected suitcases all my life. I’ve found them at thrift stores, garage sales and on the side of the road. Friends even donated them to me when they learned I collected them. “

3.A miniature house, with careful attention to every detail.

image: chrissy maude facebook

4.”Found this beautiful stained glass peacock.”

image: Kristi Higgins facebook

5.”I found a cat couch for $4.99″

image: danielle fisher facebook

Not only is it the perfect size for a cat, but it also has an appropriate print. So that the cat does not steal your place on the couch.

6.The neighbor used to give this couch to anyone who wanted it.

image: Gloria Kenyon Facebook

A sofa in a particular color and well maintained: someone immediately took advantage of it.

7.”The greatest vintage purchase ever.”

image: Christy Harder Facebook

A really tiny motorhome.

8.A wicker chair with a heart-shaped back.

image: Autumn Mandera Facebook

9.Another beautiful stained glass lamp.

image: Stephanie Passing facebook

10.Is it a lamp or a juicer?

image: Darcy Whitlock facebook

Its particularity is that it is made of uranium glass, which gives it this fluorescent appearance.

11.Here’s another one: a lot of people get rid of it.

image: Anne Glenn facebook

And just as many people take advantage of the very low price and buy them with great satisfaction.

12.A beautiful and elegant accessory holder.

image: Melondy Houser facebook

13.A special tea service.

image: Jennifer Touchberry facebook

14.This is not a shoe but an object to hold bottles.

image: Melanie Fletcher facebook

15.A beautiful crochet blanket in the hippie style.

image: Amanda cruz facebook

image: Amanda cruz facebook

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