15 Strange Cars Whose Owners Drive With Pride

There seems to be more and more vehicles on the streets. Red, white, blue and black, with many different designs and sizes circulating through large avenues and narrow paths; stuck in traffic or fighting for a parking spot. And despite the fact that there are different and very varied models, it seems that they all look the same.

Cars are often a reflection of the personality of their driver. Simple things like a decal or trim on the rear view mirror give it a special touch and make it stand out from the rest.

However, there are people who go much further and a decal will never be enough. Therefore, they decide to modify the entire exterior of their car because that means being cool and being noticed.

Next we will show you some very extravagant and curious cars that are not seen every day on the street.

1.The watermelon-mobile, where people are seeds

Kyosai / reddit

2.What will it be like to drive a cockroach?


3.Anyone who wants to buy this car wrapped in grass?

Fat_Cat420- / reddit

4.Yoda on wheels

joey_hopson / reddit

5.Mini RV

traspasadoangel96 / reddit

6.The city map walking around the city

SadSampleText / reddit

7.This is quite a realistic catfish.

CoffeeMix54 / reddit

8.Mate in real life

Successful-Milk-1720 / reddit

9.It looks like the vehicle an alien would use in its invasion of Earth

cultureShocked5 / reddit

10.We met the pickle Rick, but have you seen the Rick truck?

Th0tSlayr / reddit

11.The biology teacher’s car

Codyc541 / reddit

12.Lincoln’s Toe Truck


13.Retro and at the same time futuristic design

AbacusWizard / reddit

14.Not only do you have to watch out for sharks in the sea, now you also have to do it on the street

Dangerous-Illegal / reddit

15.Cute stuffed bunny

olender / reddit

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