15 People Who Have Learned To Love Themselves And Proudly Display Their Uniqueness.

Many people struggle daily to come to terms with the physical characteristics that make them unique. Not everyone is ready to love themselves and not pay attention to the judgment of others : too often we are conditioned by imposed standards of beauty and we tend to hide our particularities. 15 people however, learned to love themselves and accept the physical traits they were once ashamed of because they were considered “different” some have birthmarks, freckles on their faces and shoulders, eyebrows and different colored eyelashes due to vitiligo, ice-colored eyes and a beard, which is usually worn by men and which women tend to eliminate through painful and exhausting cosmetic procedures. We need diversity, and whatever trait sets you apart, the important thing is not to hide and to love each other.

1. A birthmark on the face.

Can beauty standards be challenged? This woman doesn’t care at all, she feels beautiful like that. And that’s the case !

2. Freckles on the rest of her body too.

This girl says she wants to “fill our day with freckles,” which definitely makes her unique.

3. A woman with vitiligo.

She spent 16 years trying to hide her physical peculiarity. Today, she has not only learned to accept him, but also to love him.

4. This girl also has vitiligo.

The girl has noticeable white hair on the right side of her face.

5. She came to terms with her hair loss.

One day the girl noticed that her hair was falling out. She did nothing to hinder this process, and now she loves herself as she is.

6. Eyes of ice.

7. Pride in one’s own characteristics.

8. Unusual hair.

This baby has two “swirls” of hair going in opposite directions.

9. A split face.

This boy has freckles on only half of his face.

10. A black wick.

11. Loving and accepting yourself is hard, but it’s the way to happiness.

12. Beautiful heterochromia in the eyes.

13. Loving yourself even with a beard.

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This woman was tired of struggling and fighting the growth of her beard. She’s decided to give up razor blades and waxing and embrace her uniqueness, even if that means fighting stereotypes.

14. A young albino woman.

15. You should never be ashamed or hide your peculiarities.

Have you learned to accept your particularities ?

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