15 Parents Who Do Not Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry With What Their Children Do.

If you have children you will surely identify with them.

1. “My 6-year-old is great at multitasking.”

2. My son just made a big mess. This is his “let me explain” face.

3. “This is how my son sleeps. He may be immortal.”

4. I caught my son watching cartoons at 3 AM. He didn’t expect to ever get caught.

5. My kids have disabled my iPod for 45 years.

6. My daughter makes beds in random places. I found her asleep in a Costco bin.

7. I took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibit.

8. My 2-year-old daughter drew a pillow with chalk and then went to bed for a nap.

9. I was playing hide and seek with my daughter, so I found her hiding place.

10. I took my daughter out for a nice dinner.

11. “Mom, I just want to tell you that Mother’s Day wouldn’t be possible without me. I’ll wait for my present in the living room. With love Joshua.

12. My daughter felt that one drop was not enough.

13. My son feeds his fake stuffed dog while his real dog sits outside, angry.

14. “My daughter thinks she is the girl in the box at the supermarket. ‘Bonus’: I don’t know what my son was doing in the background of the photograph ».

15. We were working and he wanted to help.

Do you have funny images of crazy situations with your children? Share this gallery with your friends who are parents, surely they will also identify with more than one situation.

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