15 Incredible Sculptures That Were Created By True Geniuses

The world of art is undoubtedly one of the most incredible that exists, it is impressive how creative people can be to capture our attention, especially when today we are exposed to endless things and experiences, which could make us lose attention to details.

These 15 sculptures that we present to you today are genuinely incredible and creative, which is why we believe that their creators deserve a round of applause for being true geniuses.

1.This sculpture is perfect for stray pets who want to feel human warmth.

2.Children swinging on an imaginary tree.

3.Sculpture made of sand with incredible precision and care.

4.This sculpture is made from tire waste.

5.Brick wall sculpture, made of bricks.

6.Art on wood by More Kono.

7.A sculpture made of branches exposed in a forest.

8.This statue is found deep in the waters of the Bahamas.

9.Girl made of wood, the detail on the sweater is impressive.

10.A poem made stone.

11.This statue is 190 feet tall and represents the Warrior God in China.

12.She is Kannon, a Bodhisattva goddess from Japan.

13.Another sculpture made of wood. It really does look like something is dressing out of that bucket.

14.It seems that the statue has a life of its own.

15.A herd of elephants in Vietnam.

16.Sculpture of an eagle made of wood.

Which of these sculptures did you like the most? Share with your art loving friends!

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