15 Incredible Mangrove 2022 Finalist Photographs

As every year, the important Mangrove contest has selected the best photographs as finalists to name the winner. It is an annual and international competition that seeks to highlight some of our least valued ecosystems: mangrove forests or also known as swamps. Wet areas but full of life.

It is the eighth year of the competition, so thousands of photographers around the world can contribute their work and compete to win. There are six categories judged by a variety of judges, including wildlife conservation experts Beverly Joubert, Dhritiman Mukherjee, Bertie Gregory and Nadia Aly.

Below we show you the finalist and winning photographs of the contest, where its contestants showed their skills with their lens to capture from unique perspectives how wonderful nature is.

Contest Winner – “On the Edge”, Bahamas

Jillian E. Morris

Contest Winner – “Blue Crab”, Mexico City

Martin Broen

Winner of Honey Hunters, Bangladesh

Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

Finalist : Living Fossil, Mexico City

Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar

The winner of the contest is «Spatulas», Brazil

Priscilla Forone

Contest Finalist – “Another Perspective”, Indonesia

Hamid Rad

Contest Finalist – Bottlenose Dolphin Mining, United States of America

Mark Ian Cook

Contest Winner – “Take-off”, United Arab Emirates

Jayakumar Mn

Contest Winner – “Healthy Ecosystem”, Indonesia

Fakhrizal Setiawan

Contest Winner – “Dancing Trees of Valakiri”, Indonesia

Loic Dupuis

Competition Finalist – “Tree of Life”, United Arab Emirates

Amar Habeeb

Contest Finalist – “Double Fish”, Malaysia

Emanuele Biggi

Finalista – Lightning, Bangladesh

Hunting Help

Competition Finalist – “Life in the White Mangroves”, Vietnam

Alex Cao

Contest Finalist – “Flying Crocodile”, Mexico City

Alvaro Herrero Lopez-Bletran

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