15 Huge Sculptures That Will Make You Feel Like A Little Ant.

The world is filled with millions of objects, most of them in different standard sizes. For example, teacups have remained the same size for most of their existence. However, many designers have decided to innovate in this aspect and create objects with sizes that are very different from normal. Such is the case with those toys with miniature kitchens. In this case we bring you a series of examples but with gigantic art around the world, objects that will make you think about how tiny you are.

1-. A giant rabbit made by Florentijn Hofman in the middle of a square in Öreboro, Sweden

Street Art Magic

2. A giant chest of drawers in the United States.

Cary Living Magazine

3-. A 7.7-meter chair in the middle of a Shanghai shopping plaza.


4-. A stage made especially for the performance of the opera in India, installed in 1999

Sri Gnanananda Matric Hr Sec School

5-. The largest rocking chair in the world.


6-. A famous sculpture in the middle of a river in Germany.


7-. A huge aluminum skeleton. It reminds me of the path of the snake from Dragon Ball.

marktherobot-youtube / Curiosities from the world for every day

8-. The sculpture of a giant hand in Wellington. It weighs 400 Kg and is 5 meters tall.


9-. A giant sculpture of a silver fox in Latvia.


10-. A giant spire and button marking the entrance to the arts district in Manhattan.

The Garment District NYC

11-. It is the largest bicycle in the world.


12-. A spoon for giants.

Time Freezer Photography by Matt Hale

13-. A very original advertisement for this brand of shoes.

Viral Ads Now

14-. A giant spider hangs outside a museum in Australia.


15-. A giant wooden clamp to hold the grass.


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