15 Cool Planters That People Turned Into Works Of Art.

For some, houseplants are nothing more than a piece of furniture. For others, it is almost like family members, people give them names, talk to them and select the most beautiful and elegant pots for their loved ones. That is why in this article we have made a perfect selection for you of some examples of cases where plant owners went even further and literally turned everything into art objects. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

When an indoor plant becomes art, it certainly manages to capture the attention of all your guests, whatever corner of the house you decide to place it in. Like these incredible voluminous lips.

2. I couldn’t have made a better decision than this. My new plant and pot are perfect for each other.

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a delicious bubble bath?

Like when your plants have lovely curls.

An octopus full of life and beauty.

Never before have we seen a scene as graphic as this one, without a doubt both complement each other. We are sure that this frog can go very far.

I think this weird ceramic napkin holder is great for epiphytes. They have a certain resemblance to my dad’s mustaches.

Let no one say that plants cannot represent fun and style at the same time inside your home. All you need is some creativity and ingenuity.

9. A girl and her cats are happy with their crazy summer hairstyles.

A very particular pineapple that can decorate any environment.

11. A cute family of frogs.

It looks like an alien jellyfish sucking on a woman in purple yoga pants, don’t you think?

Cats with very long tails.

What can we use that mannequin for? Say no more, it can be an ideal planter for my ferns.

Not only can you awaken your creativity with pots, leaves also play a fundamental role and are an excellent friend to forget the stress of everyday life.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment on these ideas that are still great and can certainly be put into practice to give a different and fun touch to the spaces in your home.

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