15 Amazing Photos Of Transparent Animals And Plants.

Nature has incredible creations, you never know what you can find. Each of the creatures you encounter is distinguished by various singularities, be it color, the size of the eyes, tail or ears. 

By listing a series of characteristics you can identify and distinguish one animal from another. But have you ever stopped to think about transparent animals? It sounds weird but they actually exist and you can even see through them like a glass.

01.A spotted sea snail. 

The spotted sea snail Crystallichthys cyclospilus is a rarity. In total, the researchers managed to find only 5 such fish. But the other day, scientists were lucky enough to see another one of them, exploring the waters of Alaska.

02. glass octopus. 

Scientists were incredibly lucky to photograph this octopus, which you can see through, as they used deep-sea robots with cameras that day. The creature’s body is almost completely transparent except for the internal organs, which are colored with different colored pigments. Thanks to this discovery, scientists were able to study in detail the digestive system of a strange octopus and see a surprisingly large toroidal brain.

03. A fish with a transparent head. 

Smallmouth Macropinna is a true miracle of nature, because its head is completely transparent. This fish lives at a depth of about 800 meters, which forced it to adapt to the depths of the water in such an unusual way. However, this inhabitant of the Pacific Ocean can boast of its excellent eyesight. It has incredibly light-sensitive organs of vision, which can distinguish between prey even when it seems like total darkness.

04.Diphylleia grayi

After each rain, the petals of this flower become transparent like glass.  

05. Transparent wound.

These frogs are unique in that from above they look like ordinary frogs, but if you turn it upside down, you can see that the abdomen and chest are completely transparent, and through them you can see the entire inside of an amphibian animal.

06. glass butterfly 

The characteristic of this butterfly serves as camouflage for birds. 

07 Ancistrocheirus lesueuri, the transparent squid. 

08. Transparent moth.

09 . Deep sea glass squid. 

10. An ice fish, its skin is transparent and its blood colorless. 

11. Cyanogaster nocturnes the crystal pitch.

12.This fish has nothing to hide. 

13. A surgeon fish with a strange anomaly. 

14. Salpide.

Another amazing and very rare fish that a New Zealand fisherman once caught and was stunned by its appearance.

“It feels like the surface is scaly and quite hard, but it’s kind of jelly-like, and inside this creature there’s nothing but this little orange blob.”

15. Cystisoma amphipods

Its body is completely transparent, which helps it hide from predators in the open sea.

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