15 Adorable Photos Of Newborn Babies Posing With Animals.

A series of photographs that will melt your heart.

A British photographer has taken newborn photo shoots to a whole new level by capturing the beautiful bond between newborns and animals. It all started when Sujata Setia decided to honor the passing of her dog (named Mustang) by including other animals in her photos and creating lasting memories that parents can cherish forever. And it turns out that customers loved the photos of their newborn babies with their furry friends.

In the following list we share the photos of Sujata Setia that are hopelessly adorable. We hope these 15 stunning photos will put a smile on your face and brighten your day

01. With a cute puppy.

2. Sleeping with some ducklings.

3. Three small candies.

4. The guardian.

5. All attention to each other.

6. Curled up.

7. How cute.

8. That smile says it all.

9. The tranquility that it transmits to us.

10. For a Christmas card.

11. Happy faces.

12. Tranquility in a photo.

13. These little faces melt the heart.

14. Santa’s helper.

15. A little stretch.

What is your favorite photo? Leave us your comments! Share this gallery with your friends who just had babies so they can get a good idea for their newborn photos.

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