14 People Who Show Their Passion For Order And Cleanliness

In life you will always run into people who are fanatical about cleanliness and order or also those who do not know the meaning of those words. At home, in the workshop or in the office, clutter is evident when things are not in their place.

Although it is a completely personal thing, people who can not allow a spoon to appear in the place of forks are part of the population that needs to be in control of things and hate the chaos that surrounds them.

For them it is not difficult to organize and order any type of space, on the contrary, it is to a certain extent satisfactory and pleasant that everything is in its place.

We are not ensuring that the world has to be orderly or disorderly, there are many people in the middle who are neither one nor the other. However, in the following list we present 14 examples of fans of the need to have everything tidy and clean. Although it is difficult to accept it, it is very pleasing to the eye, to see everything collected and conveniently arranged.

1.“During my visit to the dentist I saw that their bibs were neatly folded.”

TheArtfulHodler / reddit

2.“My sister collects books and decided to sort them by color”


3.“I like my toolspace to have some order”

Happy_Go_Pappy / reddit

4.“Now all my spices are organized in the same drawer”

grandcannon22 / reddit

5.”In my small kitchen there is a cabinet that I have dreamed of for a long time.”

charjcook / reddit

6.“I just finished organizing my dream cupboard.”

nicthepom / reddit

7.“I no longer have problems finding the right cable”

plant-ling / reddit

8.Organizing the closet should be considered an art form.

emkay95 / reddit

9.”I made an area for my kitchen supplies under the eating bar.”

 CrumpetsRCrunk / reddit

10.”Finally the sink has been tidied up.”

eviesadoll / reddit

11.“Before the year was out, the garage was cleaned out.”

57696c6c / reddit

12.“It has become a hobby to organize the cutting boards”

KatieDog83 / reddit

13.“This is how I now store everything I need to take care of my hair.”

formerhoarder / reddit

14.Organizing the tool room is completely necessary.

areyoukiddingmebru / reddit

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