14 Historical Photographs You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

What we know about life in the past has been thanks to various discoveries and studies by archaeologists, scientists and historians; But wouldn’t you like to be able to travel back in time to see with your own eyes how our ancestors lived?

Today we want to show you this compilation of 14 historical images that you have probably never seen before and that will undoubtedly impress you.

14.In the year 1900 these miners huddled in the elevator of the mine where they worked, to take a little break.

13.It was in the year 1850 when the excavation of the Sphinx was carried out.

12.World War II and the true side of its soldiers.

11.In the Netherlands, this “ice table” was created on Rockanje beach.

10.This is how women dressed in 1950.

9.So were the amphibious bicycles, better known as “Cyclomer” of Paris.

8.Traveling salesman in his car in the 1930s.

7.Flying sled in England.

6.In the United States these barrels were burned during the prohibition of the year 1924.

5.This was the first photo taken from space in 1946.

4.This is what welding masks looked like in the 40s.

3.This is how Bill Gates proved that his “CD-ROM” contained more information than all the material below it.

2.Strange masks for waiters in Germany, year 1933.

1.One of the first remote control toys in the Netherlands.

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