14 Examples Of The Inevitable Passage Of Time

If you had the chance to travel through time, would you do it? That is a question that many people have probably asked themselves throughout their lives. In addition to curiosity, the question of going back in time has become an obsession for many but it remains an impossible mission.

However, photography and painting have been a perfect accompanying tool to be able to do it, even if it is through sight. It is a matter of looking for a photo of your city, your street or yourself a few years ago, to achieve it.

In the following images, you can see obvious examples of how much things can change. A feeling of nostalgia overwhelms us when looking at old photos of significant places, things or people that are now completely transformed due to the inevitable passage of time.

1.As cities grow, so do their surroundings.

© A. Steven / pikabu

2.Ann Kelly, aged 18 in 1969 vs Ann standing in the same spot in 2013 (Battle of the Bogside, Derry, Ireland)

© falentine / imgur

3.Fifty-eight years of evolution and progress.

© Adr_H132 / reddit

4.James City, Virginia-USA several decades apart.


5.Texas in 1908 and in 2020.


6.Niagara Falls in 2018 and in 1867.


7.Crawford Notch painting, USA in 1839 and photograph taken in 2019.

© Andrew W. Mellon Fund/Wikipedia Commons , © Ken Gallager/Wikipedia Commons. 

8.”My family’s farm has been with us for 125 years.”

© pappard57 / Reddit

9.”My house more than 100 years ago and a current photo.”

© myliedaff / Reddit

10.Model of Ancient Rome vs satellite view of Rome today.

© DutyOfficer / Reddit

11.”My grandmother painted this painting in 1930 and that photo is from 2018.”

© 4141 / Reddit

12.The famous house of Abraham Lincoln.

© FW Ingmire / Wikipedia Commons ,  © Daniel Schwen / Wikipedia Commons , © CC BY-SA

13.Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai. Photographs from 1959 and 2018.

© Noor Ali / Wikipedia Commons, © Copyright Law/Federal law no. 7 of 2002 ,  © A. Savin / Wikipedia Commons 

14.”Photographs of the New York pier (the first was taken by my great-grandfather in 1937 and the second is mine but in 2019)”.

© Weasley9 / Reddit

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