14 Celebrities Who Dared To Show Their Faces Without Makeup Or Filters

Looking spectacular on screen, events, magazine covers and social networks has become the daily life of many celebrities. Maintaining a good figure, perfect skin and a beautiful smile in front of cameras are some of the challenges that women who belong to the medium must face in order to be praised and not criticized.

However, it is important and necessary to remember that celebrities are human beings like any other person, they are simply subject to comments and opinions from the rest because they are considered public figures.

Presenting yourself to the world without filters, without makeup and showing your most natural side has become fashionable among celebrities and uploading photos of them with their imperfections has caused a lot of echo in their followers.

Even the most beautiful woman in the world has spots on her skin, acne, dark circles under her eyes or accumulated tiredness, it is normal to want to look good but normalizing false standards or perfection is not.

Here we show you 14 celebrities who dared to show their most natural, comfortable and beautiful side regardless of their age or “defects”.

1) Kate Hudson (42 years old)

AFP/Kate Hudson

2) Demi Moore (59 years old)

Marshal Aurora / Demi Moore

3) Salma Hayek (55 years old)

AP/ Salma Hayek

4) Ariel Winter (24 years old)

AP/Jennifer Garner

5) Jennifer Garner (49 years old)

AP/Jennifer Garner

6) Jessica Biel (39 years old)

AP/Jessica Biel

7) Sarah Hyland (31 years old)

MEGA/Sarah Hyland

8) Keke Palmer (28 years old)

AP/ Keke Palmer

9) Kelly Clarkson (39 years old)

AP/Kelly Clarkson

10) Anya Taylor-Joy (25 years old)

Joe Sutter/Anya Taylor-Joy

11) Kristen Bell (41 years old)

AFP/ Kristen Bell

12) Gal Gadot (36 years old)

AFP / Gal Gadot

13) Eva Longoria (46 years old)

KCS/ Eva Longoria

14.Hailey Bieber (25 years old)

Instagram @haileybieber

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