14 Artists Who Create Sculptures Too Beautiful For This World

A beauty extract for everyone.

Feminine beauty has been praised by poets, artists and musicians since the beginning of human existence. The sculptors managed to reveal the disappointment of a woman. By chiselling graceful figures from stone or marble, they convey the dual nature of a woman: fragility and power.

The following artists know very well how to express this in their works and here we leave you a gallery full of talent and beauty:

1.Ghost Girl

2.Digital sculpture by Adam Martinakis.

3.18th century sculpture by Antonio Corradini .

4.Gosia from Toronto creates soft images of femininity.

5.And reveals the inner world of a woman.

6.Robin Wight knows how to work with wire and with it he creates really fabulous sculptures.

It seems that at any moment they could take off from the ground and fly.

They even seem to be moved by the wind.

7.Karen Cusolito’s giant Ecstasy sculpture is made of processed steel.

Her line, gestures and curves demonstrate the feminine nature and also reveal the doubts and desires of the present.

8.Philip Jackson is a Scottish sculptor whose artwork tells a fascinating story.

His creations are so expressive that it is hard to believe that they are made of stone and not flesh and blood.

9.American sculptor Benjamin Matthew Victor knows how to convey erotica in bronze.

His works of art are spectacular and express every feature in exquisite detail.

Making his sculptures almost alive.

10.The Italian Vittorio Tessaro managed to recreate the body of a woman with all its grace.

All the sensuality and beauty of women are reflected in his works.

11.Jean-Michel Bihorel wowed the internet with his extraordinary digital sculptures of women made from flowers.

12.This mysterious and sensual sculpture is located in Cemitero Monumentale di Staglieno, the famous cemetery in Genoa, Italy.

13.Richard Stainthorp has been creating metal wire sculptures for 20 years. His sculptures are especially exciting when they portray female characters with their smooth and beautiful contours.

According to Richard, working with wires is the same as solving a puzzle, but he loves it.

14.Luo Li Rong creates incredibly feminine and realistic sculptures.

His works are elegant and full of grace. It looks like they could come to life at any moment.

Which one did you find most surprising? Let us know in the comments!

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