13 Weird Things That Can Only Happen On Public Transport.

There are many different types of public transport in a big city, but the metro always stands out among them. For some reason, all the unusual personalities living in this city are drawn to the subway like a magnet. They complement the atmosphere of the metro, making it unique and inimitable. They also turn a boring business trip into an event full of emotions and impressions for other people. After such trips, anecdotes, humorous miniatures are born, whole stories are invented and even legends are invented.

That is why in this article we made a perfect selection of some images of moments lived in the subway that will undoubtedly leave everyone speechless, after all nobody expects to have to experience this kind of thing while in a subway, I hope you enjoy it as much as us.

1. Oh, I would like to know where everyone is going with their sharks. I also want to go to a party like this.

2. Here is an enterprising type. I entered and the subway is crowded with people, I just decided to take out my chair and rest from the long journey.

3. While you are sitting in the subway car, without a doubt we see how life is passing slowly before our eyes, that is why pausing our thoughts with seeds is a good option. But it is important not to litter.

4. I hope you don’t have to walk past a crowd of hungry rabbits today.

5. I managed to take a photo in the subway, which I now proudly show to all my friends. Subway girl looks at me!

6. When you need to go on business on the subway, but you’re an invisible person.

7. This comrade was able to meet a couple of years ago at a tube station in central London. He was also called the golden jackal.

8. This subway line is getting wilder.

9. When you’re a big dog and you can’t take dogs on the NYC subway without a bag.

10. You never know who you’ll meet on the subway this time, and what situation you might be witnessing.

11. Something somehow got creepy for me during the time I was looking at this toy.

12. A small and beautiful brooch will always complement the image, it will certainly always make it more unique.

13. A huge moth rides next to me on the subway. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes to her work or some other important matter.

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