13 Scars That Became Works Of Art Through Tattoos

By the time a scar reaches the skin it is difficult for it to disappear, it will probably become an unwanted companion for the rest of our days, it may fade over the years but it will be a reminder of what someone went through to get there. to have it whether good or bad.

Tattoos are very similar to scars in that aspect, in one way or another they are also wounds that heal over time but the ink stays to become a piece of art that represents a new beginning.

The art of tattoos is completely subjective, some do it for pleasure and without a meaning behind it, others really try to hide something and decide to get tattooed to leave the bad behind.

Raquel Gauthier is an ink artist and beyond being an extraordinary tattoo artist, the Brazilian decided to focus on transforming the lives of many people and use the skin of her clients as a canvas to hide scars with beautiful and almost always floral designs.

1.Beauty is everywhere

2.Nobody knows how much a tattoo means until they know the story behind it.

3.Flowers have the quality to heal.

4.The scar and the tattoo tell the same story but with a different presentation.

5.Raquel has transformed the way her clients see themselves in the mirror.

6.Many prefer to see their skin full of ink and drawings than to remember the past.

7.With the perfect design you can achieve extraordinary results.

8.Tattoos can be art too.

9.Butterflies mean that one can be reborn.

10.No one should ever hide who they are.

11.Healing can be something different for each person.

12.A scar doesn’t necessarily have to be bad or ugly.

13.Raquel has also shared some testimonials on her social networks.

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