13 Photos Of Little Animals Having A Great Time Without Humans

Apparently the pandemic favored the little animals from all over the planet, since in every corner of the planet they have captured very interesting photographs where the animals leave their dens and some enter the cities to recover their territory. This is because the animals feel free without humans invading their environment.

The animals during the last years have been condemned to live hidden from the human being because every day we are destroying the home of the animals and the fauna diminishes every time. Currently, the list of endangered species is rising and this crisis has caused a break for the planet.

Animals usually hide when they smell like humans, but now that there are no “enemies” on the loose, many animals come out to enjoy that tranquility and peace.

Below we present several sightings of very happy animals without the presence of humans. Many say that the real virus is us and when you see the following photos you will understand what we are talking about:

Enjoying the absence of humans

Sighting of a fire fox, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

Boars walking through the streets of Fe Italy

Swans walking through the canals of Venice.

taking back their territory

Friends of different species.

The cutest photo you will see today, this parakeet slept with his puppy friends.

The most beautiful face you will see today

tender family

Elephant “Dumbo” very happy without human visits.

Look at the lucky bird.

This is the cacomixtle or seven stripes, a relative of the raccoon. If it enters your house or garden, do not kill it… They consume harmful fauna. He will not attack you either, respect his space and consider it

a pet that sometimes visits you. They are beautiful!

Dolphins enjoying without many boats.

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