This article is written especially for all those who consider themselves true fans of Disney movies, especially their characters. We have compiled 13 photographs of animals on the internet that perfectly exemplify some of the brand’s characters.

01. Puss in Boots – Shrek

02. Bambi and Drum – Bambi

03. Mufasa and Simba – The Lion King

04. Master Shifu – Kung Fu Panda

05. Tod and Toby – The Fox and the Hound

06. Pua-Moana

07. Kenai and Koda – Land of Bears

08. Sylvester – The Looney Tunes Show

09. Po – Kung Fu Panda

10. HeiHei – Moana

11. Abu and Lago – Aladdin

12. Timon and Simba – The Lion King

13. Donkey – Shrek

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