13 Fun Street Art Pieces That Will Make You Smile During Your City Walks.

Often, when we walk through the streets of a city, we come across street art, that is to say drawings on the walls of buildings or on the streets that are intended to beautify the landscape. One has the impression that these figures come to life and interact with all the elements of the environment. The artist Oakoak decided to create images likely to make these details damaged by people’s negligence or the passage of time more sympathetic.

So here are 13 fun street art pieces that will put a smile on your face as you walk around town.

1. A garbage can in the street or a frog

A frog in town, they turned a garbage can into an amphibian. Who knows the astonishment of those who come across this mural.

2. A whale in town: he found an unsightly wall and thought it best to draw an aquatic animal.

3. A shell from which Venus is born

They found the “sculpture” of a shell and decided to reproduce Sandro Botticelli’s work: “The Birth of Venus”.

4. Obélix decided to take the pedestrian crossing

Always in the force, our Obelix!

5. The man who turns on the streetlights

“It is he who ensures that the streets of the city are lit.”

6. A fishbone

There would be much nicer manhole covers if all the grates were made into fish bones.

7. An ingenious trick to camouflage broken glass

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When a glass breaks, no problem, it is not even necessary to repair it. Just draw a spider.

8. A strange crack in the wall turned into a seal playing with a basketball

9. A karate kick caused this

“I found this broken railing leaning against the wall and tried to imagine why it was damaged like that.”

10. At least there is now a concrete reason to avoid repainting the wall

11. A nice idea that justifies the presence of chains in the city

“A tightrope walker balanced on the chains of the city”.

12. It’s not a pedestrian crossing but a penguin crossing

13. “When the orchestra starts playing, the spectators can’t do anything but start dancing: even the grid started dancing

Have you ever enjoyed and had fun in front of a work of street art?

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