13 Colorful And Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Pots

It is essential to have green areas everywhere, even inside our house, it does not matter if it is a huge tree, a bush or a small plant, the essential thing is to feel in contact with nature. That is why pots are an excellent option to reconnect with the environment.

If you want to have a bit of nature in your home, but you want it to have that personal touch that you like so much, then these ideas will come in handy .

1.Baskets with ethnic designs

2.Geometric figures in gold and millennial pink

3.Concrete with gold details

4.Lanterns make them look like fairy tale flower pots.

5.A very elegant pot in a teacup

6.Contrast pastel colors with metallics

7.Cute little animals

8.They look so cute in jars.

9.Wrapped in raffia fabric sacks

10.Give new use to your old drawers

11.Draw faces on a white cup

12.Little heads to create crazy hairstyles with plants

13.A fantastic idea for a terrarium inside the room

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