13 Brilliant Ideas For Reusing Old Objects In The Garden, Original And Free Decorations.

Old objects , those that are no longer used and tend to be forgotten in drawers or, even worse, in cluttered cellars, can easily find a new function thanks to a little ingenuity and creativity. Creative recycling is a good practice that saves money in a smart way and also unleashes your imagination. With regard in particular to garden furniture and the various decorations that embellish it, you can transform many objects which, for one reason or another, can no longer fulfill their initial function. So an old umbrella can become a mini greenhouse for your plants and an old mug can become the perfect hideout for many insects.

Here are some ideas that could inspire you to decorate your garden by reusing waste.

1. An old transparent umbrella can become a mini greenhouse for your seedlings during the winter

2. On the contrary, the same umbrella, if knocked down, can become a pretty flower bed

3. An old winch can be the perfect solution for hanging planters, especially when they need to be watered

4. An old cup that you never use can become a haven for bees and insects

5. An old cooking pot can be hung on the outside wall to become the perfect shelf where you can store a few tools

6. An old iron tank has been turned into a bird tank holder (an old gas bottle can also be useful)

7. An old garden shovel can turn into a doorknob

8. Antique washbasins returned to their original splendor with a new function: elegant planters

9. If you need to get rid of a mattress, know that you can use the springs for climbing plants!

10. An old bicycle wheel can become the perfect support for a rosebush.

11. The old plastic laundry basket can be completely transformed with a burlap sack and a rope. Did you ever think it could become such an elegant vase holder?

12. Even an old iron broom can fit in rustic decor with leaf and flower decorations

13. Tricycles and old broken bikes are often used as planters

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