12 Times When Nature And Humanity Coexisted Perfectly

It is possible to coexist perfectly with nature

In the past, people had a very marked concept of coexistence with nature, which with the passage of time was lost until the urban sprawl arrived and little by little they have destroyed nature and its beautiful presence.

But in this gallery we come to show you 12 occasions where this did not happen and nature and human beings found a place together:

1.Mykonos, Greece.

2.A tree that does not stand in the window.

3.This is the “Earthbox”, a small architecture office in the center of Asunción, Paraguay

4.In Estonia, heavy rains cause this well to spew water.

5.These plants have been climbing this building little by little.

6.Hong Kong Park abandoning its delimitation to take over the city.

7.This building was named Green Peace Village.

8.City of Ronda, Malaga, Spain.

9.Taipei, Taiwan.

10.Another similar landscape in China.

11.Old pink house is located in a very windy area of ​​the West Coast, in the USA.

12.The Snake River and canyon near Twin Falls , Idaho, USA

Nature cannot surprise every day, it is just a matter of being attentive to the wonders that we can see every day. In the meantime, please share this gallery so everyone can see that we can live in harmony with nature.

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