12 Times Humans Respected Mother Nature

A journey from fearing Nature to understanding it and finally exploiting it in order to fuel his progress is the man’s entire journey on this Earth. Nature has always given many things to civilization and its red-haired stepchild, art, and utilized them to their advantage. They have turned them into forms that can be used and creatures man values, making things harder for all others.

Because of the technology, it has changed into a whole new level of compassionate exploitation. From the Industrial Revolution onwards man’s existence has taken leaps and bounds. Man has spewed out poison in solid, liquid, and gaseous forms back at her by taking all that Nature has to offer.

This is a society where natural surroundings are being upon or cut down and destroyed to satisfy man’s needs and wants. There’s only silence in the forest, vale, and desert and the species are disappearing at a high rate than before. Without any treatment, the seas are bearing the brunt too with waste being dumped into them. Japan has cut herself off from the International Whaling Commission and has decided to hunt whales in an exemplary act of political cruelty. One of the most critically endangered niche predatory species is whales.

US and others which is with governments of developed nations are going all-out regressive too, denying climate change and pushing Nature into darker territory altogether.

It’s not that we lost hope, things are rather bleak.

12 instances of people actually respected Mother Nature in their run towards a bleak, civilized, un-Natural future:

Ring around a tree, Tokyo, Japan

A Zelkova tree was blown over by a typhoon in Fuji Kindergarten nearly fifty years ago. It survived “fall down seven times, stand up eight”, indeed. But today it stands tall and thick that two adults cannot grasp its width. In order to give it a demarcated space of its own architects has built a beautiful ring around it.

Tea house, Shanghai, China

A tree rises like quite the Phoenix in the middle of the twisted neo-impressionist twisting of this building’s timber-formed concrete.

Tree in the house, Almaty, Kazakhstan

There is a mighty 40-feet fir tree in the centre of this house which was designed by Almasov Aibek. The house has been designed in the form of concentric rings around the tree.

The fence with a tree

The owner of this house has left the tree intact, building his fence around its trunk when thinking of his house’s security.

Turkish villa in Izmir

This villa, palatial in proportions, has a beautiful, mighty, and tall tree growing through it.

The house in Virginia

There a perfect standing, mid-height tree growing right through it.

Apartments in Poland

These apartments are built with trees from the surrounding forests and they are incorporated and integrated into their innovative designs.

Casa Vogue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There’s a tree in Casa which is associated moss and vines around its trunk, right in the centre of it, growing through it and with it.

Residence in Austin, Texas

This house has a perfect standing medium-sized tree right in the middle of its courtyard.

“Green Turin”

This five-storied mix of green trees and conventional architecture called 25 Verde in Turin has designed by Luciano Pia, an Italian architect. The people who stay there say that they feel like they live in a giant tree house.

The house in LA, California

This creation is a perfect balance between nature and civilization. This house’s architect decided to keep a giant tree intact in one of the bedrooms.

Casa Corallo, Guatemala

This house has designed with a beautiful tree’s trunk and an extremely neo-modern way. If all the people respected Mother Nature to conserve greenery this world will be a very nice place.

via – trulymind.org

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