12 People Who Should Have Thought Twice About Getting A Tattoo.

Tattoos have been a tradition for thousands of years. They were also used as a sign of belonging to a tribe. In contrast, nowadays people tend to place designs on their bodies just to have an image to show, to cover up an imperfection or as a reminder of something important. However, tattoos do not always look the way you want.

Here are 12 people who should have thought better or at least better chose their tattoo artist before getting a tattoo.

1. A spider and a web


He might have done better to get a tattoo from someone good at drawing: not only is the web twisted, but the spider is more than simple. It would have been better if he had done it in a less visible place.

2. A cup of tea


Maybe the tattoo artist didn’t know how to draw a teacup with a saucer.

3. “Why write a sentence on his fingers?”


The main problem is that in order for the tattoo to be read, it has to be walked around with the fingers still glued together.

4. We don’t know what kind of insect it is: is it a fly or a wasp?


“I chose to get tattooed in the salon near my house, it might have been better if I went somewhere else.”

5. “Everyone knows the adventures of the famous puppet: PinAcchio”.


Perhaps the tattoo artist didn’t know Pinocchio and therefore made a typing error. The customer will now be forced to walk around with an erroneous entry. Hopefully he didn’t charge for it…

6. It should have been horses


It would have been better if he had chosen another drawing.

7. The solution now is to grow a mustache to conceal the tattoo


The mustache is a family tradition, maybe now he will have to wear it to hide the writing.

8. It should represent Mufasa and Simba, but it doesn’t look like them.


The details are ill-defined, but that’s probably the least of its problems.

9. “The worst tattoo I’ve ever seen: Freddie Mercury, I had a different memory of it”


He wanted an image of the leader of Queen on his body.

10. This guy must be someone important to her.


It might have been better if she had done it on her body and not on her face.

11. “I saw this guy walk out of a tattoo parlor”


He could have thought about it a few more moments.

12. The lion with the mane of fire


A drawing slightly different from reality.

Have you ever seen a horrible tattoo ? Which ?

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