12 Expressions Of Animals That Understand That They Are At The Vet

Admit it, did you kids love going to the doctor? Apparently, this aversion is also shared by animals, at all ages: these 12 photos of animals waiting for their visit to the vet will make you smile.

1.I just need a big hug…

image: dailymail

2.Maybe that way they won’t see me!

image: pulptastic

3.The soft eye technique in action

image: galaxant

4.or the disappointed look technique!

image: googleusercontent

5.I’m not moving from there!

image: metrouk2

6.It’s just a bad dream…

image: dailymail

7.I understood very well where you want to take me!

image: boredomtherapy

8.Take me in your arms!

image: pinimg

9.So small, you already have to stick to it!

image: mirror.co.uk

10.I will not come down!

image: mirror.co.uk

11.If I can’t see, others can’t see me!

image: aolcdn

12.No, no, there’s absolutely nothing under the giraffe…

image: pinimg

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