12 Common Situations That Manage To Capture Attention With A Detail

There are everyday situations that no longer arouse astonishment, we have become accustomed to seeing them, but it can happen that on certain occasions they suddenly become interesting, all that is needed is a reflection, a shadow or to be subjected to atmospheric agents which allow them to acquire new shades . So much so that the gaze does not pass over them as it would have done before, but lingers to observe them better.

So here are 12 common situations that somehow manage to grab attention.

1.This apple has a drawn apple


“I was about to eat an apple, but I realized that an apple of another color was drawn on the skin.”

2.The originality of this building only appears if you look at it from above: it has the shape of a crocodile


3.The door handle of the reptile house in our zoo is a snake


When you open this door, you immediately realize where you are entering. The snake-shaped handle clearly indicates what can be found in the room.

4.Two entwined carrots: they are wrapped around each other


5.”There are layers of color in the wood of my gray pencil”


A nice artistic effect for an object that is normally the most banal.

6.”A building that doubles as an advertisement. In fact, it’s shaped like a chicken’s head”


7.”I keep confusing my wife’s eyeliner, every time I see it I think it’s a pile”


But no need to insert it into the remote control!

8.A tomato that incorporated small tomatoes


9.”The way the shadow of my legos appeared on the sofa in the evening”


He built Lego buildings and displayed them in front of the window. The sunlight, however, projected their form onto the couch.

10.A unicorn-shaped utensil to hold the corn and not get your hands dirty while eating it


11.”This homemade pizza dough is perfectly round.”


A simple pizza dough that was allowed to rise gave birth to a perfect ball.

12.A Flower in the Ice


“A frozen flower I found during a winter storm in Texas.”

There are simple, everyday objects that almost never catch your eye, you sometimes walk past them without noticing them. In some cases, however, there may be something different about them that makes us stop and take a closer look. Have you ever encountered an object of this type?

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