11-year-old Boy Is Shunned By His Teachers Because Of His Hair

The individual expresses himself not only by words, but also by his movements, his clothes or even a hairstyle. Often these aspects fit the character perfectly, but most individuals don’t try to figure out what the points of connection are and just observe and judge the outside.

The boy in this story was teased by his classmates because of his hair and was shunned by his teachers . Yet he responded in the best possible way, and that was through charity. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

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Jaylen Mason is an 11-year-old boy from Essex, England, who has very long, frizzy hair. Although he adores them, they can sometimes be awkward. It was precisely for this reason that he decided to braid his thick hair. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is not very popular with her classmates and teachers. Children, at a certain age, do not understand the consequences of their actions, but more mature adults, on the other hand, should be able to understand that one of their decisions can mark the existence of a teenager.

Indeed, the teachers chose to put the boy aside because they considered that his hairstyle was not suitable for school. From then on, the other students started making fun of him, calling him “Tarzan” or “girl” and pulling the pigtails off him. Jaylen, however, reacted with a lot of maturity. At first angry, he chose to cut his hair for charity . He launched a “Go find me” campaign and cut his hair as soon as he reached the sum of 1,000 pounds sterling (1,100 euros). Once his goal was achieved, he would donate the proceeds from the sale to the charity Future Youth Zone.


The boy explained that the teasing may not stop, but that his hair will no longer be pulled and, above all, that he was happy to cut it for a noble cause.

” I wish he hadn’t cut his hair, but I’m proud of how he handled it ,” said the boy’s mother, Aimee Mason.

Once the story came to light, the school decided to further investigate the teachers’ decision to put him away and the harassment Jaylen suffered.

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