11 Clearly Retouched Images That Needed A Little More Attention.

Photoshop is widely recognized as an extremely effective photo-editing tool capable of working real magic and remedying even the most dire-looking situations. But like all tools, Photoshop is a software that must be studied and used wisely , to avoid making bad figures… When you apply a touch-up, you must always be careful not to “overdo it”, otherwise the photo will lose its naturalness and everyone will notice the obvious use of Photoshop.

This photo list will show you how NOT to use Photoshop!

1. The famous 3D tattoos…maybe he imagined a more classic style

2. When a person doesn’t want/can’t jump, you have to take care of it via Photoshop!

3. If a mannequin’s head doesn’t go back to a brand, the brand can always change it!

4. The “added” helmet that will never blow your hair!

5. A photo of a woman, with a flower on it, with the photo of ANOTHER woman cut out and pasted on another level: a masterful use of Photoshop

6. Basic rule, always watch out for SHADOWS. Here, the parasols have therefore been partially removed!

7. The magic of guitars suspended in the air, which play themselves like magic

8. This golf player must have a weird knee shape…

9. Olivia Munn with a huge head compared to her body: but why?

10. It’s hard to get a result that sounds so… fake

11. A body reshaped by the magic of Photoshop… too bad the shadow betrays the truth!

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