11 Amazing Tattoos That Reveal All Their Splendor When You Extend Your Arm Or Leg.

In the world there are thousands of very talented tattoo artists who inject ink every day, creating impressive works. One of them is Vek van Hillik , who has not only stood out for his mastery in drawing but also in the creation of his designs. his sketches are a fascinating optical illusion.

Each tattoo is placed in a strategic part of the body and with each movement it comes to life. Van Hillik uses the folds on the limbs to hide parts of the design, and it’s not until they flex that the magic kicks in.

1.A common beetle

2.Suddenly he can fly

3.It’s just amazing

4.Each design is unique

5.And it goes according to customer specifications

6.Everyone is satisfied

7.For Van Hillik nothing is impossible

8.His work is based on the famous “Rabbit Duck”

9.The most famous optical illusion in history

10.But he adapted it to his style

11.Freehand design is essential

12.This is how he creates these hidden beings on the skin

13.The artist can change details as they go

15.This way you get a more accurate illusion

15.This incredible artist was born in France in 1988

16.He never puts down his pencil, he is always working on his designs.

17.He loves to draw everything related to nature

18.His style is dreamlike and surreal

19.Currently lives in Toulouse, France

20.He has had the opportunity to make numerous exhibitions

21.Each of his works is an ode to the imaginary

22.He thinks it is a window to his unconscious

23.Where their dreams and chimeras dwell

24.Would you like to have his design forever on your skin?

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