10 Things Every Husband Secretly Hates About His Wife

The things that every husband hates about his wife adequately describe how much he loves and cares for his wife. They may not good at expressing the love and care for you. But, here are some surprising things that your husband secretly hates

He hates when you are in pain

When you are married, you are not a single, lonely person. Your husband always is with you and you both become one. So, everything belongs to him even your feelings. When you are in pain he is too, may be even more than you are hurt as he doesn’t want to see you suffering. When you are in deep stress don’t make him feel bad, just communicate with him free your mind. So, he will definitely help you get through all the battles you are facing. Let him be with you.

He hates when you try to hide your pain

He hates when you are crying alone without letting him to help you. He knows when you are silently sobbing in bathroom at night and you think he is asleep, but he is not. He wants to help you to come up with your troubles, but he doesn’t know how if you are not giving him a chance. So, give him a chance and try together and he will comfort you.

He hates when you are not around

He marries you because he wants to spend all the time with you. So, when you are away from him he feels crazy as he has lost his heart. He feels bad when either of you are away from the house, but he might not show you. Always you should know that he hates staying away from you.

He hates when you doubts your abilities

Your husband knows that you are not always perfect, but he knows the potential you have to be perfect. Even though you doubt your abilities and lose your confidence he knows your strengths. So, it breaks his heart if you lose confidence on you. Communicate with him and he will give all the strengths that you lose.

He hates it when people disrespect you

Husband is always the best guardian for you. If someone doesn’t treat you right or take advantages from you, his blood become boil naturally. Even it is a small issue he thinks it as a huge one because he doesn’t want to see the most important person in his life getting disrespected by someone.

He hates it when you compromise on who you are for his sake

There are many false ideas what the ideal wife should be like. But don’t change yourself to be like an ideal wife in books which you think that he would like and be happy.  Because he married you for who you are and he loves the women he married. So, just be yourself.

He hates it when you give up

Failure is just a part of our lives. He hates when you give up as he has seen all the hard work you do. He knows all the efforts you put on your work. So don’t give up because your husband is always with you.

He hates when you pull yourself down

It’s true that women’s bodies change in ways faster than men. He didn’t marry you just for your body. He loves the entire kind hearted thing you have. He is always happy and he appreciates your desire to look and feel best. He hates to see when you compare yourself to other women. He just loves you as always.

He hates being the reason for your sadness

We know that we hurt the person we love and get hurt by the person we love. As we regret they also do. Mostly when he hurt you unintentionally or in the heat of the moment, he regrets so much. He knows that you have the most loving heart and feel sorry for breaking it.

He hates when you aren’t happy

The entire list above can be summed up with the most important thing that he hates about you; seeing you unhappy. You have promised to be with him for a life time. So, don’t shut him out even though sometimes he messed up. He loves you and always he want you to be the happiest person in the world.

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