10 Superheroes Who Were About To Be Played By Another Famous Actor

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the character you’ve admired since childhood had been played by a completely different actor? It’s probably not the case when there have been so many adaptations of series or movies with the same character, however you want it. or not, there is this strange predilection for an actor or actress who, according to personal tastes, is the one who did the best job.

Although in most cases, we know the story thanks to comics or other adaptations, it is due to the celebrities who bring them to life, that we can marvel at all these great superhero productions.

However, it would have been a completely different experience, if another actor had been chosen, although when they announce or confirm the movie or series, one of the first things a fan does is make a fan cast, which is basically the dream cast . according to the descriptions and proportions between the character and the person. But, to make these decisions, they don’t take the fans into account, but are based on other aspects and surprisingly, many of your favorite superheroes could be played by celebrities very different from the ones you already know.

1.Iron Man played by Tom Cruise instead of Robert Downey Jr.

Before Downey was considered to play Tony Stark, Tom Cruise was the first person to be considered for the role. However, Tom felt that he had not connected 100% with the superhero, so he immediately declined the offer, and Robert turned out to be the successful winner.

2.The Black Widow could have been Emily Blunt and not Scarlett Johansson

Emily was the first choice to play the character of the Marvel spy, and although the actress wanted to accept, she had to decline the offer due to her commitment to the film Gulliver’s Travels. But it seems that in the end, they opted for an incredible actress like Scarlett.

3.Drax played by Jason Momoa instead of Dave Bautista

“It was one of the most fun auditions I’ve ever done in my life,” were Jason’s words when auditioning for the role. In fact, Chris Pratt was also among the contenders for Drax, but wrestler Dave Bautista managed to win the magnificent role.

4.The Scarlet Witch played by Saoirse Ronan instead of Elizabeth Olsen

A difference between parts was what prevented the young Saoirse from taking the role of the Scarlet Witch, so they chose to give the role to Elizabeth, although the Irish looks incredible as the character, now few imagine the Scarlet Witch without Olsen.

5.Superman played by Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of Christopher Reeve

There were more than 200 actors who did the casting for the character, those who wanted to be had to have excellent acting skills and an excellent physical complexion that resembled that of the Man of Steel. Arnold was one of the many people who auditioned for Superman, and while he initially did an excellent job of getting through the first few auditions, the role went to the unforgettable Christopher Reeve.

6.Daredevil played by Matt Damon instead of Ben Affleck

Matt’s name was one of the first to come up when the Daredevil film was wanted to be made, which for him was quite significant since the character was his favorite superhero. However, the actor decided to decline the proposal for not believing too much in the project. In the end, he made the best decision, in fact, Affleck himself has said that he regrets having made it.

7.Gamora played by Olivia Wilde instead of Zoe Saldana

The famous doctor from Dr. House was one of the first options to be Gamora, a role that she was forced to reject since she had acquired a previous commitment, so they chose Zoe Saldaña, and at this point, everyone agrees in which there could not have been a better decision.

8.Captain America played by Channing Tatum instead of Chris Evans

Although the name of Channing sounded quite strong to give life to Captain America, the actor chose to accept the spin off of Gambit of the X-Men. And, although everything was already planned to start filming and the cast was more than ready, the project changed owners, and Disney canceled it but Evans became the captain of all America.

9.Spiderman played by Jamie Bell instead of Andrew Garfield:

The protagonist of the film Billy Elliot was going to be the actor who would play Spider-Man in the new version. And, although his auditions were one of the most famous for the role, in the end he did not achieve his mission and later he was the one who gave life to The Thing in the Fantastic 4.

10.Loki played by Josh Hartnett instead of Tom Hiddleston:

There were many names that resonated to play Loki, such as Jim Carrey and also Josh Hartnett. However, neither was cast, in fact, the role landed in Tom’s hands even without auditioning.

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