10 Puppies “Organize” 89-year-old Granny’s Birthday Party

The video that has moved millions of people in recent hours is a small example that there are still good things to celebrate in the world. A few days ago a most unusual party went viral and that is that a video became the topic of conversation and astonishment for many.

It turns out that a granny from Brazil was about to turn 89 and her family decided that Maria should celebrate in the best way, so they organized a big party for her, what few expected is that the luxury guests were nothing more and nothing less than his 10 puppies.

“Our house is always very busy with so many puppies. My grandmother loves living with her loins and in general with various animals. They are a great help to her. For us, each of these puppies is a fundamental part of our family”, were the words of her daughter, Vitoria.

In the recording you can see and observe how everyone begins to sing the famous “happy birthday” and the woman looks very happy next to her furry life companions.

“The house is very busy! He loves living with animals. She loves to snuggle with them,” said Vitoria Abencoada, Maria’s daughter.

At the party there was a banquet, food and sweets for the puppies and a big cake to share. As expected, this story went viral with thousands of likes and comments. Which only highlighted how beautiful the gesture was and how tender the moment looked.

The clip has more than 1.7 million views, 187 thousand likes and another 6 thousand comments on the @vitoria.abencoada profile.

Now we just have to wait to see what the celebration will be like to celebrate his nine decades on earth.

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