10 Images That Show Us The Things We Know From Another Point Of View.

Have you ever had the feeling or the opportunity to see things from a different point of view ? This kind of thing can happen at any time and most of the time it leaves us speechless.

These images will probably have the same effect on you because they show animals, objects or things that we know very well but from another point of view !

1. The scary beak of geese

You’ve probably never seen a goose from this vantage point, because its beak looks very scary ! It is thanks to the sharp teeth and stripes on their tongues that they separate food from water. 

2. Ballista Teeth

There are some weird fish, but probably when it comes to teeth, the triggerfish  beats them all! This marine animal is very aggressive and it is not uncommon for it to attack divers or swimmers who approach too close to its nest. 

03. The curious image found in the trunk of a tree

What you see is not a painting made in a second time: after having cut the trunk of an apricot tree , its owner discovered this very curious image..

4. But what is enlarged here?

This image is actually a moth’s wing under a microscope!

5. Here is a “sample” of military technology!

A cluster bomb is made up of a multitude of grenades! 

6. A detailed model of the human nervous system

You have probably often seen the reconstruction of a skeleton but never of the human nervous system!

7. In the mouth of a sea turtle

In the mouth and throat of these animals is this species of teeth which, in reality, also function as taste buds.

08. A parasitic apple

Although it may seem incredible inside this apple was found the embryonic state of the same fruit!

09. An oyster full of pearls

These shellfish may or may not be enjoyed, but what everyone hopes to find when opening them are the pearls!

10. Another Bizarre Electric Microscope Image

This time, it is the enlargement of a larva and it is as if it had a… face!

Have you ever seen these things from a different point of view ?

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